Video >>> Frank Rabeyrolles : " Built to swim ""

" Built to swim "
Sound and film by Frank Rabeyrolles.
New album to be announced soon.

Franklin - " Cold Dreamer "

Franklin 'Cold dreamer'

Price : 10€  (includes shipping)

Franklin - " Cold Dreamer "

Album available on Wool Recordings and Plug Research Records

Video >>> Franklin - " If I was a wolf "

" If I was a wolf "
Taken from upcoming album "Cold Dreamer". Plug Research/ Wool Recordings
Composed by Frank Rabeyrolles
Produced by Nicolas Lockhart
Directed by Fabien Dendiével and Micky Backham


Moon Wheel 7inch

Price : 13€  (includes shipping)


Limited and silkscreened 7 inch

Side A: Surinam
Side B: Prosopagnosia

After the successful "Foxes in Fiction/ Benoit Pioulard" 7inch, Wool Recordings invites Moon Wheel to join his limited single club.
This new record is also silkscreened and very limited.
Moon Wheel is the solo project of former Melbourne resident Olle Holmberg. A former member of Pissypaw. Holmberg has strong connections with some of Melbourne’s stranger pop groups including Superstar and Fabulous Diamonds. He has a debut solo cassette due through Not Not Fun Records.
Holmberg’s cerebral, shape-shifting compositions are inspired by “nature, history and wandering”, and synthesize electronic and organic sounds.
As each piece is largely improvisational, his live performances do not recreate his repertoire, but rather experiment with creation as a process of discovery.

Video >>> Frank Rabeyrolles : " Under The Rainbow "

" Under The Rainbow "
Music/filmed by Frank Rabeyrolles
Mixed by Lockhart & Frank Rabeyrolles
Video directed/edited by Fabien Dendiével

Foxes in Fiction + Benoît Pioulard / limited and silkscreened 7inch

New limited and silkscreened 7inch of Foxes in Fiction + Benoît Pioulard

Foxes in Fiction + Benoît Pioulard / 7inch

Warren Hildebrand (aka Foxes in Fiction) and Thomas Meluch (aka Benoît Pioulard) have been acquaintances for a number of years, brought together by their shared presence on Brooklyn's Moodgadget imprint. Meluch's first-ever release was the Enge 7" (2005) for that label, and Hildebrand later made a splash with his debut LP Swung from the Branches (2010). During a solo tour of North America in 2010, Meluch played Hildebrand's hometown of Toronto and invited him along on the following day's journey to Montreal, during which the two became fast friends and the idea of a collaboration began to take shape. Some months later they finally began exchanging songs and files, eventually building up to the two epic pieces heard on this, their debut 7" for Wool Recordings.
"Since a young age, Thomas Meluch has been fascinated by natural sounds and the textures of decay. He began playing piano before his feet could reach the pedals, and for more than a decade has sought to create a unique sonic environment by combining remnants of pop song structures with the lushness and unpredictability of field recordings. A veteran drummer of a half dozen bands and an avid collector of instruments and analog devices, Meluch relies on guitar and voice as the bases for his work as Benoît Pioulard."

Price : 13€  (includes shipping)

Video >>> Frank Rabeyrolles : " Listening to Tago Mago "

" Listening to Tago Mago "
Video by Jean Baptiste Durand
Taken from #8 / New album from Frank Rabeyrolles
The digipack version of the album will be available on november 31th.
The digital version has been released on october 8th.

First Rmx from Frank Rabeyrolles's album #8 : Cycling / Benoit Pioulard


First remix from Frank Rabeyrolles's album #8
Cycling / Benoit Pioulard version

vocals : Benoit Pioulard.

Cycling / original version

Castanets " I'm no stranger to the rain "

Castanets 'I'm no stranger to the rain'

I'm no stranger to the rain

New exclusive 7" of Castanets on wool recordings

Silkscreened artwork by Kader Benchamma

Price : 13€  (includes shipping)

Wool Recordings & Galerie Linette present " woolinette "


Price : 15€  (includes shipping)
Wool Recordings & Galerie Linette present " woolinette ", a lazy summer ultra-limited MP3 compilation featuring 22 tracks from Laetitia Sadier, Richard Swift, Astrobal, Franklin, 1fusé, Castanets, Giant Claw ... Sold with a limited shopping bag designed by Toma Dutter.

Tracklisting :
1fusé " Cuatro " / Richard Swift " MG333 " / A classic education " Terrible day " / Sarabeth Tucek " The doctor " / Suddenly sunshine " Summer Days " (Isan remix) / Rebecca Gates " Take a little time " / Castanets " I'm no stranger to the rain " / Montag " Luminaire " / Peter Broderick " Man on the bridge " / Laetitia Sadier " The opposite of spectator " / Alone with everybody " No Regrets " / Astrobal " Poetry and Science Fiction " / Double u " Interludic " featuring Laetitia Sadier / Franklin " I know " (Com Truise Rmx) / Junkboy " present " / Lesser Gonzalez " Me and Roman " / SuperBravo " A space withour Corner " / Franklin " Animal Tv Show " (Standar Rmx) / Aetherlone " Swim in pool " / Giant claw " Haunted planet " / Luther Russell " Dead Sun Blues " / 1fusé " ô tristesse "

Frank Rabeyrolles → interview for Boum! Bang! magazine

New album " #8 " / released on november 2012

Giant Claw " Haunted Planet " // limited 12"

Giant Claw 'Haunted Planet'

Price : 15€  (includes shipping)
WR020 / Limited to 250 copies
12inch / Special full color designed by Keith Rankin
Total time: 18' 04''/ 4 tracks EP

Tracklisting :
Side A:
Haunted Planet pt. I & II

Side B:
Spirit Heal Me
Dream Love
Hobo Cop

"Haunted Planet" is the first feature of Giant Claw on an European Label and it's also the 20th release of Wool Recordings.
Blogged by Avant Garde and hypest blogs like Altered Zones, Decoder Magazine, 20jazzfunkgreats, matinée as Hell... .Giant Claw music is an impressive hommage to early electronic music but also a contemporeanous and visionary work.
Giant Claw is multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Keith Rankin'synth-exploration project. Keith began performing in Dayton, Ohio where he also co-runs Orange Milk Records (home to Aidan Baker, Sean McCann,Caboladies, etc.).
His albums Midnight Murder (Orange Milk) and Tunnel Mind (Digitalis) garnered attention with their crystalization of cosmic “krautrock” music -- eerie minimalism brushed against that elusive halfway point between dynamic composition and mind warped improvisation. With upcoming releases tackling genres as diverse as house music and free jazz.
Giant Claw is steadily becoming one of the more versatile and inspired artists in America's bubbling musical underground.

Press :
Altered Zones :
" builds through the accumulation of synth motif upon synth motif, enticing a theatrical and fantastical experience nothing short of a Mega Man boss theme "
20Jazzfunkgreats :
" Here blast those symphonic pseudo-heavy metal soundtracks perhaps best exemplified by Phenomena, whose hysterical spirit thrives and soars in Giant Claw’s psycho-synthetic workout below ."

Franklin " Artificial light " // CD album

Franklin 'Artificial light'

Price : 15€  (includes shipping)
Tracklisting : the AH AH Theory / Zenith / Animal Tv show / Eternal Outsider / Cats in the Flat / Forest Sword / For you soon / Dedicated to numbers / Cool To be / Summer Geek Serenade / Oslo in August(2010) / Dark Wall / Virgulo / Desert Song
Total playing time : 38mn

How to be someone else and still remain yourself ?
That could sum up quite well the problematic of a 5 albums artist like Double U, who created Franklin as an alter ego in 2009.
The first album "Every now and then " was an open window into an electro-pop West Coast world, softly psychedelic.

Where Double U used to dig in post-folk/electronic sceneries, Franklin is now exploring the light within all its shapes. Shining out the sun or out a lampbulb, the light gives everything life and reality without letting itself be catched : this is the point of Artificial light , Franklin 2nd upcoming album.
To play around with codes without getting put in a labelled box, that's always been the purpose of Franck Rabeyrolles, the man behind Double U and Franklin.
At first sight this album could be taken for a plain synth-pop composition, but in the essence of the tracks you'll apreciate Franklin's pure versatility, and all the shades in the " hide and seek" game of light.
Floating interludes and texturized guitar waves, the tracks open themselves through their different layers giving a joyful ballet of prisma lightbeams.
Previous Franklin album "Every now and then " used to take us on a cinematografic roadmovie trip , "articial light" invite you to a pictural game of reflecting lightsfor a unique rythmical experience.

" La piscine "

'La piscine' // limited 12inch curated by Laetitia Sadier

Limited 12" curated by Laetitia Sadier
Featuring Laetitia Sadier/ Superbravo/ Rebecca Gates/ Richard Swift.
Very limited stock.
Silkscreened artwork by Thomas Dutter/ Superheights.

Price : 15€  (includes shipping)

Franklin (+ Com Truise rmx)

Franklin / Com Truise remix

Franklin / Com Truise remix

Limited 7"
Side A.  Franklin : " I know " Com Truise remix
Side B.  Franklin : " Great society " - " Hospital "

Some reviews :
"gosh Franklin is just pure brilliance, super lo-fi fairy tales! He also has an album coming soon so the nice folks over at Wool Recordings have released a limited ’7 with an a-side, b-side and this vintage 80s remix by up and comer ny producer Com Truise."
(Stoney Roads)

"Franklin will be releasing his album soon. Until then he decided to do a limited 7 inch in February with 2 tracks and a remix from Com Truise. It’s all about 80's oldschool synth and luxurious funky bass line."

"This is probably the closest I’ll get with getting Com Truise a dedicated post on this blog haha! Some new shizzle in the form of a remix of Franklin‘s track I Know (and if you don’t know Franklin, I suggest you read about him in an earlier post here. For fans of Fujiya & Miyagi.) I gotta say FUCKME THIS IS A TOTALLY DIFFERENT SOUND FOR COM TRUISE! I mean compare this remix to his earlier works like IWYWAW and you’ll know what I mean, less circuitry mashed up mayhem and more deep soulful synthwave sounds. I love it!
(Bad Photography)


Franklin also have a new video directed by french over-talented artist Toma Dutter : " Forest Sword ".
Free MP3 of the song :
Watch the video :

Free compilation

free compilation

Wool Recordings offers you a Double u free compilation.

Taken from differents albums from 2005 until now, this compilation is free to download.

You 'll find two unreleased songs and some tracks chosen directly by the artist himself.

Feel free to share if you like.

Wooly Jumpers

Wolly jumpers
CD compilation
/ 10€ (postage paid)

Dave Bigsby "Drug Song" :

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez "Me and Roman" :

Montag "Luminaire" :

Tracklisting : Dave Bixby "drug song" / Connan Mockasin "It's Choade My Dear" / Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez "Me and Roman"/ A Classic Education "Terrible day" / Wolf People "Cotton Strands" / Laetitia Sadier "Statues" / Franklin "Love is beautiful"/ Le volume Courbe "This & that"/ Junkboy "Koyo"/ Luther Russell "1st &main" / Peter Broderick "Man on the bridge"/ Suddenly Sunshine "Summer days" / Sarabeth Tuceck "Shadows" / Double u "Ouah"/ Castanets "Pretty little eyes/ Big eyes family players "Donkey disturbed by a meteor shower"/ Montag "Luminaires"/ Light Pollution "Drunk kids"

At Wool recordings, we love nice packagings, limited series and anything but vinyls ; but sometimes it's also good to give these limited recordings a second life and a new chance for a new audience.
That was the idea behind this "Woolly Jumpers" compilation. We did a selection of our catalogue, with some cool and new unreleased tracks ( Sarabeth Tucek, Luther Russell, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, Franklin, Double U, Suddenly Sunshine, Montag) and also new talented or great confirmed artists such as Castanets, Laetitia Sadier, Peter Broderick, Light Pollution, Connan Mockasin.
Altogether this record represents what we tried hard to do those last two years : producing and releasing artists we cherish and stand up for. You'll find more than one hour of priceless music for a bargain!
Wool recordings has been often related to folk/psyché/indie scene but we also find our identity in the mix of different cultures and influences. That's why last year we reissued Collage (jazz/folk Estonian band) and that's why we've just invited Dave Bixby on Wooly Jumpers's opening track with this precious nugget track called "Drug song", a real treasure from his 1969 hard-to-find album "Ode to Quetzalcoatl".
On another side, we also invited bands from the famous experimental US label Car Parkk, with such artists as Light Pollution, Lesser Gonzalez, Montag, and the hype label Lepse Records kindly lend us a track of up-coming italian-rooted band "A Classical Education".
Wrap yourself up in Wooly Jumpers ...

Suddenly Sunshine "Summer days EP" (w/ Isan Remix)

Suddenly Sunshine
Limited 12"  >>> 12€ (postage paid)
/special artwork by Neil krug

Tracklisting : Summer days (Original)/ Spanish Mermaid/ Lonely Planet/ Summer days (ISAN REMIX)

Suddenly Sunshine is not that kind of band easy to categorize and that's precisely what we love them : they 're not not really folk, neither strictly in Indie Rock Dogma too, but just incredibly pop.
This French trio looks and sounds beautiful ... Elegance is maybe the closest word to definy this charming ensemble (two boys and a girl).
Of course they listened a lot Tim Hardin, Love, Tim Buckley, Bill Fahey but there's something else exciting in their music, specially in the harmony of their three voices, somehow reminding about childhood and fragility, but although that would cheer you up in a second and make you hop along.
"Spanish Mermaid" is really a joyful song to sing along in your car, even stuck in traffic jams, where "Lonely Planet" is the most intimistic and darkest piece on the record.
In this first EP the band have also been looking for their own special way of sounding. They invited to their tracks some brass (trombone & trumpet) and some strings (cello&viola), putting some vivid energy and a delicate color to their music.
Is this casual elegance due to their native french touch? But on another hand they're not so far from Beirut's music.
About artwork, Suddenly Sunshine went for beauty and simplicity, using a Neil Krug picture to illustrate their mood. This photograph has always been connected to music, doing some artwork for Boards of Canada, Ratatat & Devendrah Banhart.
To add a special twist to the Ep, we invited Isan (Uk electronica duo on Morr music) to rework "Summer days", the opening track.
Isan are well known for their remixes of Notwist, Depeche mode, Seefeel and beautiful deep electronic albums. Isan's version of Summer Days is a very texturized soundscape surrounded by futuristic beats, not far from Flying Lotus or Four Tet.
Say hello to the dawn with Suddenly Sunshine !

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