Wooly Jumpers -compilation-

Wolly Jumpers
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"Wool issue rarities from various cult names and up and comers: Peter Broderick, Laetitia Sadier, Sarabeth Tucek are among those offering quiet reflective moments here."Uncut ****

Wool started out as a record shop in Montpellier, France, selling indie and electronica and reflecting the good taste of its owner, Frank Rabeyrolles. In 2004, when Frank wanted to release a record by his band Double U, he started Wool Recordings.
However, he didn’t stop with his own records, going on to release exquisitely-pakaged, limited-edition vinyl for artists including Laetitia Sadier, Sarabeth Tucek, Luther Russell and Suddenly Sunshine.
Some of these hard-to-find singles are now collected here, along with rarities and exclusives from likeminded souls.

“The Wool ethos is very simple: just release artists we love,” says Frank. “We can do reissues, but we can also do folk or dreampop. Style is not so important for us.”

But make no mistake, this is a very stylish compilation, and the 18 tracks are the perfect introduction to Frank’s musical mind. The songs from the limited-edition singles are given a new lease of life alongside contributions from Peter Broderick, Le Volume Courbe, Wolf People, Connan Mockasin and a trio of artists from Washington, DC, indie label Carpark (Light Pollution, Lesser Gonzalez and Montag). Plus there’s the stunning opening track, ‘Drug Song’, from psych-folk casualty Dave Bixby’s semi-legendary 1969 album ‘Ode To Quetzalcoatl’, not to mention the label boss himself in both his Double U and Franklin guises.
“This compilation is our first and it’s our attempt to translate the mood of what we do,” explains Frank.
“Quality and versatile music.”
Job done. Wrap yourself up in ‘Woolly Jumpers’...

Tracklisting : Dave Bixby "drug song" / Connan Mockasin "It's Choade My Dear" / Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez "Me and Roman"/ A Classic Education "Terrible day" / Wolf People "Cotton Strands" / Laetitia Sadier "Statues" / Franklin "Love is beautiful"/ Le volume Courbe "This & that"/ Junkboy "Koyo"/ Luther Russell "1st &main" / Peter Broderick "Man on the bridge"/ Suddenly Sunshine "Summer days" / Sarabeth Tuceck "Shadows" / Double u "Ouah"/ Castanets "Pretty little eyes/ Big eyes family players "Donkey disturbed by a meteor shower"/ Montag "Luminaires"/ Light Pollution "Drunk kids"

Suddenly Sunshine : Summer days EP / Isan Remix

Suddenly Sunshine EP
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"The new EP from aptly named Suddenly Sunshine is a delightfully simple affair. Don't get me wrong nothing on this EP will blow you away, but the songs are straight-forward, the melodies and vocals are harmonious and hit the right side of radio friendly.Suddenly Sunshine could brighten many a day come 2011." (Soundlab)

French trio Suddenly Sunshine release their debut EP via Wool Recordings on January 10, 2011. It will be available on 12-inch vinyl and as a download.
Suddenly Sunshine are as uncategorisable as they are unseasonal. The three songs here have echoes of the folk-rock of Tim Hardin, the baroque touches of ‘Forever Changes’-era Love, the twee indie sensibility of Belle & Sebastian and the worldly wise pop of Beirut. There is also a sense of childlike wonder and fun at play; even at its darkest this is music to make you smile.
If all that wasn’t enough, Morr Music-signed UK electronica duo Isan turn in a glorious remix of ‘Summer Days’, which turns the original into a textured soundscape punctuated by futuristic beats which wouldn’t sound out of place on the latest Caribou or Four Tet albums.

The artwork, which so perfectly sums up the mood of the EP, is a photograph by Neil Krug, whose pictures have previously graced the covers of records by Boards Of Canada, Ratatat and Devendra Banhart, among others.


Tracklisting : Summer days (Original)/ Spanish Mermaid/ Lonely Planet/ Summer days (ISAN REMIX)

Wooly Jumpers ep Vol.1


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Laetitia Sadier:

Sadier was working as a nanny when she met McCarthy guitarist Tim Gane at a gig in Paris during the late 1980s. Sadier was disillusioned with the rock scene in France, and soon moved to London to be with Gane and to pursue her career. She contributed vocals to McCarthy's second and third albums. The band broke up in 1990 and she and Gane immediately formed Stereolab. For the first incarnation of the band, they enlisted ex-Chills bassist Martin Kean, drummer Joe Dilworth and Gina Morris on backing vocals. While Tim Gane has written the bulk of the music in Stereolab, Sadier is the main contributor of lyrics, written in both in English and French. Sadier also plays keyboards, percussion, guitar and trombone.

Monade and other projects In 1996, Sadier formed the spin-off band Monade with Pram's Rosie Cuckston. Monade released the singles "The Sunrise Telling" and "Witch Hazel/Ode to a Keyring" in 1997. The band's debut album Socialisme Ou Barbarie: The Bedroom Recordings was released on Duophonic Records in Europe and Drag City in the U.S. in 2003. The band's second album A Few Steps More was released on Too Pure in 2004. Monade's third, Monstre cosmic, was released in February 2008 on Duophonic.

Sadier has contributed vocals to various other groups and projects, at times along with the late Stereolab member Mary Hansen. Among her contributions were, adding French backing vocals on "To the End", a top 20 hit for Blur in 1994. In 1995, Sadier had recorded the Serge Gainsbourg/Brigitte Bardot song "Bonnie and Clyde" with Luna. She and Hansen had contributed vocals to the recordings of the High Llamas (the project of sometimes-Stereolab member Sean O'Hagan). In 2001, Sadier sang on "Sol y Sombra" on Fugu's Fugu 1 LP on Minty Fresh Records. In 2002, Sadier sang the chorus on "New Wave" from Common's album Electric Circus. She sang lead vocals on "Haiku One" from Sigmatropic's 2004 album Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories which was an album based on the poetry of Greek poet George Seferis. In 2009 the French label Deux Mille released an ep which features Laetitia Sadier singing with Momotte, a band out of Toulouse.

Throughout the years, Sadier has occasionally collaborated with German electronica group Mouse on Mars. In 1997, Sadier sung on "Schnick Schnack Meltmade" on Mouse on Mars' Autoditacker LP, and she and Mary Hansen contributed vocals to the Cache Coeur Naif EP. In turn, Mouse on Mars produced tracks on Stereolab's Dots and Loops LP. In 2007, Sadier wrote songs with MoM and toured with them in Italy. They have yet to record the songs for release. Sadier also contributed backing vocals to the track "Go Round" on The Hair & Skin Trading Company's 1993 album Over Valence. Sadier also wrote and sang the lyrics to the track "Quick Canal" by Atlas Sound for the 2009 release Logos. She finaly recorded a beautiful solo album "The Trip" in 2010 for Drag City Records.


Castanets is the musical project of Raymond Raposa, a San Diego native currently residing in Portland, Oregon. While Raposa is the only constant member of the band, his records and live performances often feature a seemingly never-ending rotating cast of musicians, the line-up often changing from night to night in a single tour. First touted by Pitchfork Media, Castanets were one of the more prominent proponents of the so-called freak folk movement (also known as psychedelic folk and New Weird America) that took place in the U.S. music scene in 2003-04.
In addition to his regular touring, Raposa recently toured the east coast's Intracoastal Waterway in a sailboat with singer-songwriters Jana Hunter and Red Hunter (aka Peter and the Wolf).
Raposa's next record, Texas Rose, the Beasts, and the Thaw, was released on September 22 2009 by the Asthmatic Kitty label.

Peter Broderick:

Broderick was born in the state of Maine in 1987. He learned a number of musical instruments whilst at school, and went on to become a session musician, playing violin, banjo, musical saw, and mandolin on recordings by M. Ward, Zooey Deschanel, Dolorean and others.
He played and toured with numerous groups, including Horse Feathers, Norfolk & Western, Loch Lomond and Laura Gibson.
In mid 2007, Broderick joined the Danish ensemble Efterklang in Copenhagen to join their touring band after the release of their album Parades. After touring, he released a mini album of solo piano music, Docile, on the Swedish label Kning Disk, as well as a 7?, Retreat/Release, his first full-length album of piano and string based compositions, Float, and an orchestral concept album, Music for Falling From Trees, on the US label Western Vinyl and British label Erased Tapes.
He is the brother of Heather Woods Broderick, also a solo artist and Efterklang collaborator.....

Double U "Pineapple Dream"

Double U - pineapple dream LP
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For every purchase you get a limited Wool recordings tee-shirt for free

Double u :

"This album finds Rabbeyrolles looking back to the psychedelic folk scene of the late sixties and early seventies, even coming across as a bit Beatles-like on 'Shadows', fusing finely-crafted acoustic balladry with lyrical, jazzy elements. Far from being a mere exercise in retro chic, The Imaginary Band sounds entirely modern with pieces like 'Greenland', a beautifully penned song, but one infused with a modern electronic production sound"

Obsessions and daydreaming, travels and new discoveries, personal and collective adventures...
here are in a few words the influences that Double U has been following since his first album "life behind a window" issued in 2004. Year after year his work kept evolving through "Bottle in the sea" and "Bosphorus" until "The imaginary band", with vibrant colors and plenty of jazz Musician featurings such as Michel Benita .
With a short break in 2008 to experience more psychedelic and garage sounds under the name "Franklin" , a new "californian-dreaming" universe took place for us in "Every now and then".
In 2010 let's go back to essentials for Double U...with this new era and a fifth opus "Pineapple dream" : this album gets more intimate, with delicate songwriting and elaborate compositions, where the previous one, "the imaginary band" sounded more like an organic experience of a "virutal" band.
Here, new rules of style are being shaken: solar hymn of the eponymus track, sweet pop balads as " I made up my mind" but also presence at the guitar and vocals of Stereolab , Laeticia Saadier kindly invited on the intro, resuming brilliantly the modern-hybrid pop of what's coming next...
others voices come along with Double U, like Camille Vachin, already there for Franklin, or also Suddenly Sunshine.
all those ingredients combine well to give this album warmth and personnality.
Orinic textures, instrumental pop melancoly, electronic epure.

Luther Russell "Motorbike ep"

Luther Russell - Motorbike EP
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Luther Russell :

“Songs with Beatlesque surfaces and dark interiors trace the well-worn path from self-inflicted and romantic pain to hard-earned redemption..." Uncut Magazine
LUTHER RUSSELL has been putting out records since 1991, first as lead singer/songwriter of his old band, The Freewheelers, who made two albums for DGC and American, respectively. He then went solo, starting with "Lowdown World" (1997), "Down At Kit's" (1999), and "Spare Change" (2001), all recorded while living in Portland, Oregon.
It was also in the great northwest that LUTHER produced many independent records by artists such as Richmond Fontaine and Fernando.
After relocating back to his hometown of Los Angeles, he released the critically acclaimed "Repair" (2007), produced by Ethan Johns (Kings Of Leon, Jayhawks).
LUTHER and Ethan also co-produced the debut album of songstress Sarabeth Tucek (2008).
Wool Recordings is very happy to present the "Motorbike EP", choice selections from his upcoming release "The Invisible Audience", a sprawling collection of beautiful songs which melt the sensibilities of Bob Dylan, Big Star and Elliott Smith and serve as something of a crash-course through the history of American songwriting.
This EP is a collaboration between Wool and Luther's own label Ungawa.
LUTHER RUSSELL explores a rootsy sound, but also has a lighter pop sound influenced by the 60's and 70's without ever sounding conventional.


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"This is a really intriguing album from start to finish and a wonderful fusion of styles carefully stitched together by a bunch of Estonian students thirty-three years ago. I’m just hoping the other two albums they recorded are as good and see the light of day
(James Barrie BBE Records / Mundovibes)

The Estonian ensemble COLLAGE was founded in 1966 by Rivo Dikson and included students from The Tallinn Conservatory and The Tallinn School Of Music and Pedagological Institute.
Anne Erm, one of the band's original voices, named the band "COLLAGE" as its repertoire included a broad range of music: jazzed-up pop songs, arrangements of classical instrumental music, scores for small formations, large jazz orchestras and original works by Estonian Composers.
Soon the Repertoire was further expanded to include Estonian folk music thanks to a request from Estonian Television which commissioned five folk songs as part of an ethnographic program.
These songs were also included in the ensemble's first LP: "Collage", released in 1970 (recording company "Melodija", D-028231-2). Estonian traditional folk songs (known as runo-songs) had not received widespread use in pop music. It seemed that such use had potential. From then on folk music achieved a significant position in the band's repertoire. Contact with the work of Swedish pianist and composer Jan Johansson (1931-1968) at The Tallinn Jazz Festival in 1966 and 1967, as well as the work of Estonian composer Veljo Tormis (1930) influenced the band to an active involvement with folk music.
COLLAGE'S use of runo-songs has in turn influenced the activities of other ensembles through the years within the Estonian musical landscape and abroad.


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Sarabeth Tucek / Uzi and Ari / Franklin

Sarabeth Tucek / Uzi and Ari / Franklin
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Sarabeth Tucek

Singer/Songwriter Sarabeth Tucek is from New York. She can be heard duetting with Bill Callahan on Smog's "Supper", providing background vocals on EZT's "Goodbye Little Doll" and on Brian Jonestown Massacre's "We Are The Radio", for which she cowrote one song with Anton Newcombe.
Her song, Something For You (a.k.a. Seer) is also covered by BJM on "We Are the Radio". The UK-only single featuring "Something For You" on white vinyl is now available through Sonic Cathedral Records. Sarabeth has opened for Bob Dylan, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Black Angels and Ray Lamontagne.
Her eponymous debut album, co-produced by Ethan Johns (Kings of Leon/Ryan Adams) and Luther Russell (Richmond Fontaine/Fernando)

Uzi & Ari

"Uzi & Ari have awakened! In contrast to their previous effort, "Headworms" exposes a very lucid and exuberant band with a newfound urgency. I imagine Shepard standing on a chair in the center of a room, encumbered by a large coterie of instruments, dancing wildly, dipping his brush into the palette of sounds that surround him to fashion just the right rhythms and crescendos to color his canvas. RIYL: Radiohead, Múm, Sigur Ros, The National." (Own records)

Franklin "every now and then"

Franklin 'every now and then'
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Franklin “I'm sure you'll find the keys under the door mat. Step right in. 9/10” (Lodown) “Some sweet and soft psych-pop, Franklin is stirring a nice combination of the vintage and modern.” (Dublab) “A great soft and minimalist piece with relaxing and surreal vocals.” (Julian Lennon Radioshow)

Franklin is the new side project from Frank Rabeyrolles, who's also the guy behind Double U, a french minimal pop/electronica project. After 4 albums for various labels (Sonar kollektiv,Karat,Nocturne,), Frank decided to make a break and create a new identity ... so here comes Franklin!
What you'll hear following is love for psychedelism, sixties weird music, oldschool electro music...
Franklin is kind of mutant pop,a very special combination of vintage future analog synths and drum machines,some echo guitars without fake nostalgia, sweet vocals mixed with a modern hybrid pop and surreal approach...
A project not so far from artist like Broadcast, Beach house, Notwist .
After a successful limited single ...Wool recordings is proud to present the debut album of Franklin.The album explores new directions in the construction of modern Pop music... 90's indie rock influences crossing bleeps and 60's West coast , psychedelism is taking Franklin to a next step...

Franklin "losthouse"

Franklin - 7 inches
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